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Rockin' 4 REACH is back for yet another year! We have bands battling it out for votes on our GiveSmart campaign site at where the top 3 will be chosen to perform live at The Brewing Projekt for the final winner to be chosen to receive the $500 top prize!

All funds raised through the event will go towards the remodel of the Hand in Hand: A Place for All Children kitchen to bring it from 1994 to 2023 nearly a 30 year leap from its inception.

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Rockin' 4 REACH


The Brewing Projekt


Important Details


- $1 per vote (no limit on votes)

- First Round of Voting (Elimination Round): February 27 - March 26, 2023

- Second Round of Voting (Top 3 Bands): March 27 - April 27, 2023

Live Event:

- April 27th, 2023 at The Brewing Projekt starting at 6:00 PM

- $10 per person to attend the live event

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Weapons of Brass Destruction

Back in 2014, bandleader Tom Carlson - a newcomer to Eau Claire - noticed that despite all the great musicians in EC and the fact that it's a real river town with a French name, there were no street bands playing New-Orleans-style brass music. He selected an elite group of players to create just such a band, to give folks a high-energy, fun-filled musical experience, whether indoors or out. A few traditional tunes are included for nostalgia's sake, but the core of this group's music is funk, R&B, and soul - all with the flavor of the Big Easy. Don't miss it.

Comprised of Tom Carlson (bandleader, trombone, vocals), Jennifer Hazen (vocals), Pat Hull (trumpet), Stuart Wallace (trumpet), Jeff Reitz (reeds), Jay Collins (Bari sax) Phil Huebner (Tuba), Levi Felling (drums), John LeBrun (aux. percussion)

Follow Them On:

Facebook: @cvwobd

Parker Reed & The Lucid Dreamers

Parker Reed and the Lucid Dreamers are a quintet out of Eau Claire, WI with a love for playing overly-dramatic rock music along with covers from your favorite artists. Coming on to the local scene in 2018, the group has released three EPs and a number of stand-alone singles that are primed to have you reminiscing on lost love.


Comprised of Parker Reed, Paige Vasel, Richard Silvas, Scott Hayden, and Madeline Simpson


Follow Them On:

Facebook: @parkerreedmusic

Instagram: @parkerreedmusic

Cathy Reitz & 7Swing

"Cathy Reitz & 7Swing" was founded by musical duo Cathy and Jeff Reitz. Both come from a deep-rooted musical background. Cathy was a music educator and a performer in Wisconsin for over fifty years. Jeff has been playing instruments since the beginning of time.

They formed this group with the intent to provide high quality swing music for all occasions and ages. From upbeat large venues to small intimate settings, they just want to make people happy while playing feel good music. A unique feature of the band is our ability to be Family Friendly or a bit on the Sassy Side.


Comprised of Cathy, Jeff, Nick, Emily, North, Jamie, Sean, and Jordan


Follow Them On:

Facebook @cathyreitzand7swing

Visit Their Website:

Uncommon Denominator

Uncommon Denominator is a professional party band with a comprehensive song book, including hits spanning the last six decades. They have been voted "Best Cover Band" in the Volume One "Best of the Chippewa Valley" reader's poll for the past 3 years.


Comprised of Emily Watkins, William DeBlaey, Sam Lakmann,

Chase Bucheger, North Skager, Jake Arnold, Ben Phillips, and Nicole Johnson


Follow Them On:

Facebook: @uncommdenom

Instagram: @uncommdenom

Visit Their Website:


Cap'n Seabeard

Cap'n Seabeard is a songwriter and musician from Menomonie, Wisconsin who spent a handful of years traveling the western United States. With the influences gained and a slightly alternating cast and crew, he brought back those influences to create a sound new and unique.


Comprised of Christopher Schumacher (guitar and vocals), Maria Lewis (bass), and Jon Talberg (lead guitar).


Follow Them On:

Facebook: @capnseabeard

Instagram: @capnseabeard

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