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Application for Employment with
Reach Inc.

REACH, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and fully subscribes to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity. The policy of this company to provide employment, compensation, and other benefits related to employment based on qualification without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, veteran status, disability, or any other bias prohibited by state or federal law.

As an equal opportunity employer, this company intends to comply fully with all federal and state laws and the information requested on this application will not be used for any purpose prohibited by law. Applicants may request any needed accommodations.

We currently have the following openings:

Hand In Hand - Custodian

This janitorial position is an evening shift, and individuals could work up to 40 hours a week. This position will be responsible for performing a variety of manual work, primarily consisting of sanitation related tasks and overall upkeep of the facility.

Job Coach 
Locations: Eau Claire, Menomonie, Stanley/Cadott, Chippewa 

The Job Coach works with developmentally disabled personnel to integrate them into the community workforce through job assistance and skill enhancement. This position will assist in the Eau Claire, Chippewa, and Dunn Counties.

Program Assistant - Chippewa Valley

The assistant evaluates needs, develops and implements programs designed to meet individual client needs. The assistant may work in both Vocational/Workshop setting and Day Service/Community setting. The assistant works closely with other staff to assure program consistency and generalization of learned skills in order for clients to more fully integrate into the community and to encourage maximum independence.

Maintenance - Chippewa Valley

The Maintenance worker is responsible for the repairs of all REACH buildings as needed in multiple locations. They will establish and maintain a preventative maintenance schedule. The areas of focus include (but not limited to) carpentry, heating and air conditioning, minor dry wall repairs, painting, and maintaining a contact list for plumbing and electrical repairs. 

Job Coach Coordinator - Chippewa Valley

The Job Coach Coordinator works with developmentally disabled personnel to integrate them into the community workforce through job assistance and skill enhancement. Of a 40-hour work week about 10 hours would be in the office and the other 30 hours would be out job coaching with clients.

Accounts Receivable - Eau Claire

The Accounts Receivable person ensures the integrity of accounting information by recording, verifying, consolidating, and entering transactions. Duties include preparing and recording assets, liability, revenue, and expense entries; they also maintain and balance subsidiary accounts, produce payroll, complete month-end / year-end reports, and maintains information for the administration, board members, and auditors.

Assistant Teacher - Hand in Hand

Helps sustain a safe, healthy, learning environment for the children. Establishes a positive and productive relationship with families to ensure the program is responsive to the child and family needs. Coordinates with Program Coordinators to help maintain the program in accordance with Hand in Hand’s philosophy, Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards and State of Wisconsin licensing rules and regulations.

For any questions, contact Madison Godawa at


2205 Heimstead Road

Eau Claire, WI 54703

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