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Pre-Vocational and Life Skills Program

We offer this program only in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

We provide individualized work opportunities for each and every participant we provide prevocational training for. We have several work environments, group size and staff ratios that provide different experiences. We take the time to recognize a person’s needs and then accommodate by matching them to a work area that is conducive to their growth and success.

We also provide a number of enclave work sites. Enclaves are community based work experiences that allow us to provide on the job training for many of our participants with the support of REACH staff.

Participants are able to mix and match the skills they want to learn, work they want to complete, and the environment in which they accomplish these tasks. Having such a unique experience allows each employee to move towards their own level of independence and reach their goals.

Job Search for our Clients

  • Hand Packaging

    • Fills/Insert Items in Packages, Small Boxes, or Bags​

    • Label, Wrap, and Check Products

    • Fold Flattened Boxes

  • Small Parts Assembly

    • Simple Assembly of Small Items. May Use Hand Tools- NO Power Tools​

  • Rework

    • Cover Up or Apply Labels​

    • Add or Remove Labels

  • Office Work

    • Preparing Letters and Newsletters​

      • Collating, Folding, Tabbing, Stuffing/Sealing Envelopes​

    • Staple Paper

    • Shred NON-Confidential Paper

Interested in providing a service for our clients to complete? 

Contact Joe Frank

715-833-7755 ext. 2219


2205 Heimstead Road

Eau Claire, WI 54703




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